22nd Tribal Art Fair in De Duif in Amsterdam

For the 22nd edition of the Tribal Art Fair (TAF), from 24 to 27 October, twenty ethnographic dealers will exhibit in De Duif in Amsterdam. The TAF is known among collectors and enthusiasts for the quality and variety of its offerings. The fair attracts visitors from all over the world.

How does a Luba fortune teller from Congo use a Kakishi, an openwork wooden figure, to ask the right questions? Why does carrying a karahut give the Abelam of Papua New Guinea the strength of a wild boar? Tattoos, made with wooden carved stamps as an example, are important to the Dayak from Borneo. But what is the function of these body decorations in the afterlife?

If you are curious about what these objects-with-a-story look like, come visit the TAF in Amsterdam. At the fair, traders display their best objects from Africa, Asia, Oceania and South America. The range varies from shields and utensils from New Guinea, jewellery and textiles from Asia as well as statues and masks from Africa. Unique works of art and artefacts can be found in all price categories.

The location, a 19th century church De Duif, in combination with the most beautiful objects from all over the world and a lecture programme, make this fair an inspiring experience taking place annually in October.
“These objects really deserve more exposure,” says organiser Finette Lemaire. “The collectors, often also specialists, enjoy coming together at the TAF.” Experience shows that those who have visited the fair often return the following year.

During the fair there is a lecture program. This year there will be a book presentation Papua Blues, a book in which anthropologist Koos Knol returns to his birthplace in New Guinea. Based on his diaries and memories, Knol wrote fascinating short stories.
After the success of last year’s symposium on authenticity of ethnographic objects, there will be a follow-up on this subject. Albert Zonneveld will talk about his recently published book: Traditional weapons of Nias. The Island of Warriors.

Preview Thursday, 24 October 3:00 PM – 7:00 PM,
by invitation only.

Opening times:
Friday 25 October to Sunday 27 October , 2024
Opening hours Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m
Location De Duif, Prinsengracht 756, Amsterdam
Entrance €7.50

Catalogue: published online in mid-September