Video’s previous lectures

You can watch some of the lectures held during previous TAF on YouTube.

Sharing the heritage of Dani Art

Christopher Buckley
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The Seaman Collection of New Guinea Art

Michael Martin
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Urban masking associations and their conceptual and visual processes in Freetown, Sierra Leone

David Malik
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Beyond bridge and barrier: Torres Strait and curious artefact distributions between Queensland and New Guinea

Ian McNiven
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Provenance and Pitfalls

Hermione Waterfield
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Headrests from Southern Africa – The Architecture of Sleep

Bruce Goodall
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Adorned by Nature:

Adornment, exchange & myth in the South Seas

Wolfgang Grulke
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Gods, Heroes and Guardians

Bruce W. Carpenter
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Interview met Wim van de Waal

die in 1959 bij de Asmat woonde en werkte. Hij schreef daarover een boek.
Joan Veldkamp
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Tattooing in the Arctic: An Ancient History

Lars Krutak
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A Danish doctor in Dutch East India

The Nias Collection in Copenhagen, from 1600- to present day

Jesper Kurt Nielsen
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Antique Powderglass Beads From West Africa

Jamey Allen
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The Use, Fabrication and Conservation of barkcloth

Janie Lightfoot ACR
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The magical drawings in the Batak book of Charms

Dr. Uli Kozok and FJ van Nispen
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The Stars are Eyes

Marc Assayag
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Interview with Tom van Groeningen

about his book Masks for the dance
Joan Veldkamp
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