No, the site is free to visit. If you have problems visiting the website please contact info@gallery-lemaire.com

You can contact the dealer directly by e-mail, phone or video call. On the page of the dealer you can find this information and the times you can contact him/her.

If an object is not as expected, contact the dealer. Details about returning an object can be found on the dealer’s page.

The TAF is not responsible for any discussions about an object or dealings with a dealer.

The website will close on 29 April 2024 at 10.00 pm (local times). After which you’re more than welcome to contact the dealer directly and check the availability of the object.

Registration for the lectures is essential. Information as to register can be found on the page of the lecture of your choice. All lectures are free to follow.

Purchases need to be settled directly with the dealers. Information as to how to pay for objects can be found on the dealer’s page.

You can make a list of your favorite objects by clicking on the Favorite button next to the object. You can only make a favorite list if you accept the cookies and have JavaScript enabled.

A list of favorites is intended for you to be able to find your favorite objects again easily. Dealers do not receive notifications when a visitor adds an object to their favorites and have no way of finding out. If a dealer removes an object you added to your favorites list, you will not be able to visit the webpage for that object again.

All objects shown in the TAF online are vetted before being published. The objects are judged only by these pictures.

Every country has their own advice about objects obtained in a colonial context.  We realize the consequences and will follow the advice of our own country.  Of course we will investigate the provenance of every object as much as possible.

You are not allowed to use any of these pictures unless the gallery owner has given you permission to do so.