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You can enter the fair by clicking the button that will appear below on the 29th of October at 3.00 pm (local time). The Tribal Art Fair runs continuously until 1 November 10.00 pm.

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Participants 2020


Tribal Art Fair Amsterdam 2020 online edition

This year the Tribal Art Fair will exclusively take place online. This special website will be accessible for all visitors on Thursday the 29 th of October from exactly 3.00 pm until 1st of November 10.00 pm. The participating dealers will showcase amongst other objects, their recent acquisitions. We hope that you will enjoy this year’s online edition of the TAF and we’re looking forward to welcoming you back in Amsterdam next year!

Each dealer offers their objects on their dedicated page. You can also browse per region or see all the objects in one overview. Interested in an object? Contact the dealer directly via e-mail, phone or send a request by the form shown on the page of the object. All relevant information can be found on the specific dealer’s page. As usual, with traditional fairs: first come, first served.


Friday 30 October 15:00

Uli rituals
Jean-Philippe Beaulieu

I will take you through a journey following old diaries forgotten in libraries, letters and old photos. We will travel the museums, private collections, to the Hills where is hidden the abandoned village of Konombin, one of the most important ritual site.

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Friday 30 October 17.30

Interview with Tom van Groeningen by Joan Veldkamp

The journalist Joan Veldkamp will interview the collector Tom van Groeningen in his home. He just published a book “Masks for the Dance” about his collection of masks used in the Phagli festival in Himachal Pradesh.

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Saturday 31 October 10:00

The magical drawings in the Toba Batak book of charms
Dr Uli Kozok and Frans Jozef van Nispen

In this lecture Dr. Uli Kozok, professor of Hawaiian and Indo-pacific languages and literature at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa, will be interviewed by visual artist Frans-Jozef van Nispen about the pustaha of the Toba Batak (Sumatra).

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Saturday 31 October 15:00

Steinharts biecht – Zielenstrijd op de Batoe-eilanden
Karel Weener

1 oktober verschijnt Steinharts biecht – Zielenstrijd op de Batoe-eilanden van Karel Weener. Weener volgt hierin het spoor van een collectie voorouderbeeldjes die in 2009 op een Haagse zolder wordt aangetroffen. Dit spoor leidt naar de eerste decennia van de 20ste eeuw en een kleine eilandengroep in Nederlands-Indië, waar lutherse zendelingen de bevolking voor het christendom proberen te winnen.

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Sunday 1 November 16:00

The stars are eyes Marc Assayag

In this lecture Marc Assayag will talk about his newly published book “The Stars Are Eyes” about the masks of the Abelam.
These masks, first introduced to the “outside” world some six decades ago, have hitherto always been viewed through Western eyes through Western rules of vision. However, they were not produced using these rules. They were produced by a people having a vastly different set of visual rules. This disconnect has resulted in a visual ”mistranslation” that has persisted for more than sixty years. Because of this blind spot, major components of Abelam art have been imperceptible to the Western eye.

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