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Tribal Art Fair Amsterdam Online
21 April – 25 April 2022

The Tribal Art Fair online will be from Thursday 21 April at 3 pm until Monday 25 April 10 pm (local time). This edition 25 dealers will participate showing their most recent acquisitions on this website. Every gallery will post up to 50 objects on their gallery page and on Saturday 23 April at 3 pm every gallery will add an extra 10 objects.
There will also be a lecture program which you can follow from home.

Thank you for visiting the online tribal art fair spring 2022!

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Exhibitors 2022

Adam Prout Ethnographic Art, UK
Arte primitivo, Spain
Astamangala, The Netherlands
Bryan Reeves, UK
Christophe Rolley, France
Ethnic Adornment, Spain
Ethnographic Art Books, The Netherlands
Franck Marcelin, France
Frans Faber – Tribal Arts, The Netherlands
Galerie Lemaire, The Netherlands
Galerie Punchinello, France
Galerie Willem Zwiep, The Netherlands
Gallery Granier | Ancient, France

Handbury Tribal Art, UK
Hermann Sommerhage, Germany
Jack Nelis – Asian & Tribal Art, The Netherlands
Louis Nierijnck, The Netherlands
Kenn Mackay – Tribal Art Antiques, UK
Raccanello Tribal Art, Austria
Ritual Curious Gallery, Spain
Rob Temple, Belgium
Sisi Tatu, Belgium
Tribal Design, The Netherlands
Xquisart Tribal Art, Belgium
Zena Kruzick Tribal Art, USA
Zubek Gallery, Germany

Program 2022

You can follow these lectures during the online Tribal Art Fair by Zoom webinar. All lectures will be in English.
A link to register is on the page of the lecture.

Friday 22 April 2022

Bruno Claessens

UNÛ presents 106 exceptional prestige weapons in a luxurious publication celebrating the virtuosity of African blacksmiths. Carefully selected by Jacques Billen and Bruno Claessens, most of these knives, swords, and axes were never published before and among the best of their type. (more…)

Lecture presented by video. Watch it from Friday 22 April 10:00

Adorned by Nature:
Adornment, exchange & myth in the South Seas
Wolfgang Grulke

South Seas islanders had little access to metals or precious stones, so they crafted superlative and fabled adornments from nature. They created currencies and ground-breaking trading networks that nurtured relationships and redefined value. (more…)

You can watch the lecture until 6 May.

Asmat woodcarving and relations with ancestral spirits.
Tom Powell Davies

Asmat woodcarving is widely collected and exhibited in museums. However, how Asmat people themselves think about carving is little understood. Tom Powell Davies presentation examines the role that carving plays in Asmat people’s lives, and in particular, how carving is used to navigate relations with ancestral spirits. (more…)

You can watch the lecture now.

Gods, Heroes and Guardians
A short talk by author Bruce W. Carpenter

In his latest book, Heroes, Gods and Guardians, Indonesian art expert, Bruce W. Carpenter analyzes an old and popular collectible, keris hilts and keris, from a new vantage point that above all views the handles a masterful historical examples of sculpture and objects d’art from around the Indonesian archipelago in contrast to historical collections, which have often taken a more ethnographic approach. (more…)