UNÛ – Prestigious African Weapons: timeless works of art

Bruno Claessens

UNÛ presents 106 exceptional prestige weapons in a luxurious publication celebrating the virtuosity of African blacksmiths. Carefully selected by Jacques Billen and Bruno Claessens, most of these knives, swords, and axes were never published before and among the best of their type. A most interesting addendum by Dominique Métral explores the Arabic inscriptions on Sudanese Mahdist arms, while Bruno Claessens explores the work of the Zande artist Songo. QR-codes in the inventory link to 3D presentations online of a selected group of weapons. UNÛ distances African weapons from their ethnographic and celebrates them as timeless works of Art in this sumptuous new must-have catalog.

UNÛ: Prestigious African Weapons’,
Jacques Billen en Bruno Claessens, 106 weapons presented through 171 illustrations on 202 pages
30.5 cm x 25cm in a custom slipcase

This limited edition of 500 numbered copies is only available via info@harmakhis.be