The Use, Fabrication and Conservation of barkcloth

Janie Lightfoot ACR
Mbuti barkcloth from the Ituri Rainforest, DR Congo. Collection Janie Lightfoot

The focus of this talk will be on diversity of bark cloth or tapa, a non woven material, it will include looking at objects from Asia, Africa, The Pacific, The Caribbean Islands and South America.
The objects will include room dividers, clothing and floor coverings.
It will explore the processes of how it is made, and summarize some of its historic production, it’s uses in functional everyday life, ceremonial purpose including weddings, funerals, and in sacred contexts.
It will expand on the construction of objects and dress, the art, texture and patterns, alongside looking at safe methods for display, its care and conservation needs.

Janie Lightfoot is a director and senior conservator at Janie Lightfoot Textiles LLP which she established in 1977.
Based in North West London and running a fully equipped studio, she leads a team of eight conservation specialists , with a broad skill base, allowing the studio to take on a wide spectrum of projects, ranging from large 3-dimensional textiles to fine intricate items.

Janie is an accredited conservator, and the studio has a long history with working with National and International Museums, Heritage Houses, Textile Dealers, Auction Houses, Private Owners, Collectors, Collections, Palaces and the Church