Gods, Heroes and Guardians A short talk by author

Bruce W. Carpenter

In his latest book, Heroes, Gods and Guardians, Indonesian art expert, Bruce W. Carpenter analyzes an old and popular collectible, keris hilts and keris, from a new vantage point that above all views the handles a masterful historical examples of sculpture and objects d’art from around the Indonesian archipelago in contrast to historical collections, which have often taken a more ethnographic approach. Although relatively small in number, the collection also includes a significant proportion of rare forms and figurative hilts often in gold and silver that have often been overlooked in the past. The author has also sought to provide a historical framework for dating hilts and understanding the connections with other types of sculpture and the evolution of new variations as the result of society and cultural factors.

Author and co-author of more than twenty books on Indonesian art, history and culture, Bruce W. Carpenter is currently working on two major new books, the first on the history of Balinese masks and mask dances, the second on the history of modernistic Balinese wood sculpture, both which are planned to be released in 2022.

Heroes, Gods and Guardians. Hilts and keris of Indonesia. Huntington Miller collection
Carpenter, Bruce W.
164 pp.; 130 colour plates of (mainly) Keris hilts and Keris, 12 text illus., map, biblio.. Leiden/Singapore, 2021. Hbk.