Adorned by Nature: Adornment, exchange & myth in the South Seas

Wolfgang Grulke

South Seas islanders had little access to metals or precious stones, so they crafted superlative and fabled adornments from nature. They created currencies and ground-breaking trading networks that nurtured relationships and redefined value.

Wolfgang’s Grulke live Zoom talk will give some insights into the background to the book, diving, photography and shell-collecting in the South Seas and the collection of adornments on which this book is based. A personal journey through their material culture and magic.

Please note:

“Apologies for not being available for this live Zoom session. I will unfortunately have to be in hospital for some surgery. However, I have made a short video to cover the topic and am happy to discuss and answer any questions via the Facebook and email links provided below – almost in real time!
Thanks for your understanding.

You can reach Wolfgang Grulke by Facebook or e-mail

Adorned by Nature, Adornment, exchange & myth in the South Seas
Wolfgang Grulke
400 pages
At one Communications, January 1st, 2022