Galerie Lemaire
Reguliersgracht 80
1017 LV Amsterdam

Micronesia, Truk pounder
14 cm
€ 1250

Western, Australia, Spear thrower
58 cm
The spear thrower serves as an extension of the human arm, enabling a spear to travel at a greater speed and force than possible with only the arm.
Bought at Sotheby’s in 1985 by Galerie Lemaire
€ 1500

Papuan Gulf Drum
97 cm
€ 2500

Sjoerd de Vries
Keizersgracht 574
1017 EM Amsterdam
T: + 31 (0)20 6234402
M: + 31 (0)6 21546317

painted and lacquered wood
Tibet (Lhasa area), 19th cent.
size each leave: 20 x 5 cm.
Euro 600

painted wood
Northern Nepal (Sherpa- area) or Southern Tibet
high: 49 cm.
Euro 1800

roofstrut of a temple
carved and painted wood
Nepal, 18th-early 19th cent.
high: 91 cm.
Euro 3800

Tribal Design
Drs E.M.M. Verhey
Spiegelgracht 8
1017 JR Amsterdam
tel/fax: +31 (0)20 4216695

Yap Island shell currency
19th/20th century
Pearlshell and coconut fiber,
Afmetingen Yap currency 45 x 20 cm
It was used as currency used in ceremonies to pay as forgiveness for a mistake.

Lit: Thomas Leutz, Steinreich in der Südsee, Page 135
Ingrid Heerman, Südseeoasen, Leben und Überleben im West Pazifik, Stuttgart, 2009, fig 55

Price: € 1.750,=

Coconut grater
Nias, Indonesia
Wood, 54,5 x 28 cm
Beginning of 20th Century
Wooden coconut grater in the shape of a stylised animal with spread forelegs and thick cylindrical hind legs with vaguely sketched genitalia.
The raised neck with a small head carries a dorsal human figure.
While grating, the object served as a stool. Graters of this ancient type cover a vast range of distribution over Indonesia and parts of Micronesia and Polynesia.
Published in ”Nias Tribal treasures”, Volkenkundig Museum Nusantara, Delft, page 305
Ex collection
François Coppens
Joop Schafthuizen, Belgium
Price: € 2.800,=

Garra hook mask
Bahinemo People
Eastern Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea
Upper Korewori Region
Wood and pigments, 88 x 33 cm
Beginning of 20th Century
This is an example of the hook mask (Garra or Gra) genre produced by the Bahinemo people of the Hunstein Mountains.
These masks were the focus of male initiation rites and hunting and were linked to senior men elders of the clan and forest spirits.
Ex collection Philip and Rosalind Goldman, London
Price: € 4.500,=

Adam Prout
Ethnographic Art
68 Old House
mobile: 07725 689 801

Wunda Shield. Western Desert, Australia.
This is a very fine, exceptional and early example of the classic ‘Wunda’ shield.
69cm x 18cm.
2.500 euro

Yoruba Bone Amulet.
6.5cm tall.
19th century.
Collected by Reverend Edward Thomas Pakenham.
Church missionary Society.

A Maori Ceremonial Paddle (Hoe) C1850. 153cm long. A very fine and deeply carved example with profuse decoration. The Maori word “Ta’ is carved into an oval (see pictures) this appears to have several meanings, including: To apply tattoo or paint. To publish and maybe the most relevant in this case “to carve”. there are many other definitions. For several examples of similar quality see the Oldman collection in the Museum of New Zealand.
Price on request.

Louis Nierijnck
Gerechtigheidslaan 16
6226CH Maastricht.
Tel. 0655897485

A fine central Penda mask, RDCongo
Typical for 19th-century Pende masks there are no holes in the eyes to look through. They are worn sloping off the forehead (19th/20th cent.)
Old Belgium collection (early collected)
€ 2500-

‘Akusan, Bontoc heirloom girdle, Philippines
Length of cloth with large conch shells and narrow pouch for protective material and valuables.
early 20th century
Old Belgium collection, native auction
€ 1750-

‘Yantra’. Talismanic cotton undershirt for protection of the wearer
Shan, Burma & Golden triangle
1st half 20th century
collected 2010 along Mekong River Laos
€ 850-

Handbury Tribal Art
Sam Handbury-Madin
M: + 44 (0) 7847 358 809
By appointment only

Ula throwing club with “kill” marks
19th Century
Length 42 cm
Good condition with some wear to the head
Price: 1200 Euros

Saami knife & sheath
19th Century
Length 24.5 cm
Good condition with some wear to the blade
Price: 450 Euros

Kuba wine Cup
Early 20th Century
Height 13.5 cm
Good condition with some cracks
Price: 450 Euros

By appointment telephone
T: + 44 (0)7817 689198
M: + 44 (0)7921 357649

Yoruba tunic
19th cent

Yoruba thunder stone bag
19th cent.

Maori Patu, grey wacky
18th 19th Century
3200 euro

Hermann Sommerhage
Dickelsbachstrasse 11
D-47053 Duisburg
T: +49-173-5148533

SENUFO androgyn “tugubele” figure
Cote d’Ivoire
height 8,9cm, copper alloy
ex german collection
Figures like this have been used for divination

EWE or ADA seated male figure
height 33cm, wood with encrusted patina
ex german collection
This seated figure was presented in a shrine together with other objects and figures.
Several offerings gave the figure its crusty patina.

BAULE “potomowaka” slingshot showing a beautiful lady as handle.
Cote d’Ivoire
wood with remains of red pigments, hight 23,1cm
ex german collection
Slingshots are mainly used by young people to shoot birds.

Ethnic Adornment
Leonor Arnó
Showroom (by appointment) in Eixample, Barcelona
Postal address: Apartat de correus 5037
08080 Barcelona
Te. +34 647 645 086

Old Nupe (Tapa) ivory bracelet, Nigeria
From the XIX century.
Made of ivory with metal studs. The rich variety of tones on the ivory is due to palm oil which is used by Nupe women to protect the bracelet.
Diameter: 85 mm
Price: 900,00 €

Beaded necklaces worn by tribes in Burma and Nort East India.
First half or 20th century or earlier.
Different sizes and prices (please contact us for more information)

IND1405- Indian wedding veil “odhani ” from Sekhawati region in Rajasthan, and worn by the Bishnoi/jats.
1st half of XXth century or older
Wool, 200×135 cm
Price: 375 euro

Bryan Reeves
Tribal Gathering London
335 Ladbroke Grove,London W106HA
Mobile – + 44 7939 166148

Stool. Lobi. Burkina Faso
Nice form with dark shiny patina
L – 43 cm
Extra images upon request.

Mask. Ziba culture
Western Tanzania
Field collected in the 1990’s
H – 35 cm. £2800
Extra images upon request.

A finely cast 19th-century Akan gold weight of a cast from life beetle bug
L – 4.5 cm
Extra images upon request.

Frans Faber -Tribal Arts
Singel 39
1012 VC Amsterdam
T: + 31 (0)20 6279422
M: + 31 (0)6 51171356

Saramaka stool
Marrons, Suriname
Wood, metal
Height 30 cm, diameter 31 cm
Early 20th century
Ex-collection Prof. Köbben
Price: 850, euro

Timor spoon
Atoni people
Buffalo horn
Length 28 cm
19th century
Price: 1250,- euro

Kain Songket from Palembang
Woman’s shoulder cloth
Silk, gold thread
Length 221 cm, width 87 cm
Early 20th century
Price : 950,- euro

Jack Nelis
Asian & Tribal Art
The Hague – The Netherlands
By appointment
06 – 51 33 25 75

Maiden Mask ‘agbogho mmwo’
Igbo, Nigeria
H. 42 cm
Private collection Berlin
Koller Auktion, 14 june 2011, lot 236
Private collection Zürich
€ 1850

Awalé Game Board
Dan, Côte d ‘Ivoire
H. 57 cm.
€ 975
Galerie Maria Wyss, Basel
Udo und Wally Horstmann, Zug
Galerie Walu, Zürich

Bronze bracelet
Yoruba, Nigeria
H. 13,5 cm, diameter 9 cm
W. Häusler, Thurgau, collected in situ in the 1960’s
€ 1.950

Rob Temple, Gent
M: +32 (0) 486 447670

Sihanaka paddles w/ Lemur & Dog terminals
Approx. 102cms long
750 Euros (for the two)

Ifugao caryatid stool,
Luzon Island,Philippines
23.5cms tall
800 Euros

Rungu figure with cavity for charge to rear and head,
D.R. Congo
22cms tall
450 Euros

Michael Woerner Oriental Art
Bangkok – Hong Kong
By appointment
M: + 66-89-224 9678
WhatsApp: + 49 172 660 45 22

Female Ancestor Figure (Adu sirilawa)
Northern Nias, 19th century.
Wood. 38 cm.
– Ex Rheinische Mission (collected in or prior to 1907 by the missionary Steinhart)
– Henry Blekkink Collection, Netherlands
– Robert van der Heijden, Amsterdam
– Davide Manfredi, Paris
– Private Collection France.
© Michael Woerner

Seated Chief Figure
Southern Moluccas, Babar Island. 19th century,
Wood. Height 13.7 cm
– Werner Gillon, London;
– Sotheby’s London (1988);
– Monika Wengraf, London;
– Private Collection, Belgium.
© Michael Woerner

An early inscribed two-panel Door with mahouts on elephants, and other animals.
Nepal, Tharu, circa 18th – 19th century AD
Wood. Size 166 x 75 cm
Provenance: Robert Brundage collection, U.S.A.
© Michael Woerner

Brant Mackley Gallery
1405 Paseo de Peralta
Santa Fe, NM 87501
M: 717-554-2176
O: 505-670-2447

Northwest Coast
Raven Rattle Fragment
Circa 1860-70’s.

19th Century Eskimo Mask

Hopi Kachina
Circa 1920’s.

drs Poekelien Lingbeek
Faas Eliaslaan 26
T: + 31 (0)35 5436688
M:+ 31 (0)6 55727615
F :+ 31 (0)35 5432519

Mossi or Chamba, a pair of ancestor figures
wood, crusted patina
Burkina Faso
h 37 cm, h 34 cm
Provenance: Private collection NL
€ 3500

Antique Tramp Art, Miniature Throne, Crown of Thorns
wood, ca. 1900
26 x 14 x 12,5 cm
€ 750

India. Antique Indian sculpture
a Raja on a prancing horse, likely part of a coach
hardwood, early 18th century
48 x 26 x 11 cm
Price on request

Dick Meijer – Antiquiteiten
Keizersgracht 539
1017 DP Amsterdam
T: -31 (0)20 6249288
M: -31 (0)6 29733955

A Yaka hand mask
A hand mask from the Yaka tribe, southwestern Democratic Republic of the Congo,
wood and paint
Height 26 cm, 10,2 inch
Provenance: Old Dutch collection 1960’s. Gallery Joop Felius, Delft, 1960’s Private collection mr. de Lange, Pijnacker, by descent from his daughter.

A Veracruz stone hacha
A stone hacha showing a head wearing a curious jewel in its nose. The figure is topped with a head of a jaguar or snake.
Mexico, Veracruz.
600 – 900 A.D.
Height 14,2 cm. / 5.59 inch.
Provenance: old collection from the Netherlands.

A Huazteke vessel
A small vessel with a painted ornamental decor.
Terracotta covered with buff slib and decorated with black paint
Mexico, Huazteke,
1100 – 1400 A.D.
Height 7.2 cm. / 2.83 inch.
Ex private collection The Netherlands, collected before 1984.